Annelies joined the family in August. Her home is in Aalter, Belgium, where she lives with her parents and sister, Stefanie. This past year she was a Senior at Renton High School. She joined the swim team in the Fall. Ricky loves his new sister :)

July 1, 1999

Annelies will fly home to Belgium next Tuesday. Her year here has been as remarkable as she is. She has been actively engaged in many aspects of school life, became Rick's very special sister, made very many friends here in Seattle and from around the world.

Her very special connection is to Brazil. She has studied Spanish in school, learned Portugese (mostly on the Internet MIRC "chats") and studied ASL as well. With her Portugese skill, she helped us reconnect with Karina through Karina's father who speaks no English. Annelies returns home to attend University studying Environmental Engineering. She has become an avid Internet Explorer and Computer "geek" this year. So we know that she will stay in touch. Her mother, father, and sister Stefanie came to visit for two weeks this Spring and even had an opportunity to meet Sanna and family.

Annelies & Rick

The last minutes at the airport are never easy for any of us. Saying "Goodbye" is difficult but it is always with large hopes to see each other again.

March 1, 2001

Annelies is currently attending University near Brussels with a focus study in Languages. Nancy was able to visit with her for 1 1/2 days in Dusseldorf last November, 2000, a great reunion time for them both. Dad & Mom especially appreciates her long and newsy e-mail letters.

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