Ayumi's family lives in Kashiwara, Osaka, Japan. She became our 7th exchange daughter in Jan. '95 when she needed to change her host family. Shortly after she arrived, we experienced a 5.0 earthquake which happened a little too close to the large quake which produced massive destruction between Kobe and Osaka, Sitting on the couch together, we all breathed a sigh of relief when our quake was short lived.

Ayumi shifted to life at Renton High and in our home amazingly well and began immediately to learn ASL to communicate more easily with Dale and Tia (our Deaf Finnish exchange student). As coincidence or "plan" would have it, we found out that her Japanese father became Deaf in an accident at the age of 13. She has now graduated from High School in Japan and is planning University study.

July 1, 1999

We have had periodic communications from Ayumi and were excited at recent developments of email access which will make communication much easier for us all.

January, 2003

Wonderful News from Japan ! Ayumi and Fumikazu were married last year and now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Aine. Pictures were sent to these very proud American grandparents.

August, 2004

We received an email from Ayumi. Here is the latest picture of her daughter, Aine.

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