Humberto, "Berto", our first exchange son, joined our family in Aug.'90. He is the oldest of five children and his family lives in Caracas, Venezuela. He had graduated from High School in his country before coming here to develop his fluency in English and was active on the Renton High Swim Team and in Track.

Like most of our other exchange students, he travelled with a Close-Up American Studies class to Washington, D.C. in the Spring to study American Government "up close and personal". He was able to meet Sanna in June '91, when she returned to Seattle with her Finnish choir and Orchestra. "Berto" is currently studying Business and Marketing at the University in Caracas evenings, and working days.


February 4, 1998

Just received a letter and picture from him. Here's 'Berto' in 1998.

July 1, 1999

Our most recent communication from "Berto" was last year. He had graduated from the University and was planning a study year exchange in Spain working towards his higher degree. He hoped to make email connections with us from there.

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