ADAD, as known on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC), was the Operations Manager for many years at King County in the Information and Telecommunications Services Department, located on the 24th Floor of the Key Tower Building in Seattle, Washington.

I retired from King County on April 1, 2003.

I became Deaf at age 21. Currently I have no hearing in the right ear and about 90% loss in the left. Fortunately I am a expert "lip reader". I finished my college education with a BA degree in Math from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. After college, I joined the Boeing Company in Seattle as a computer programmer. Five years later I joined King County as a systems programmer in their Technology Programming Group. For over 15 years I was the Technology Manager of the group. Then I moved into the Operations Manager position.

In July, 2000 I had a Cochlear Implant operation at Virginia Mason's Listen For Life Center in Seattle. See Advanced Bionics to get information on what a CI is all about. The CI has really improved my awareness & understanding of my environment.

My hobbies, besides being "a dad" to several exchange students, are growing/showing dahlias, the Internet, and puttering around the place. I am the Treasurer of the Puget Sound Dahlia Association. Growing dahlias started out as a little hobby which has escalated to much more. Yet the yard does look nice when all 250-275 plants are in bloom.

I am the major family chauffeur for Ricky and our wonderful exchange kids.

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