Dynamic Orthotics and Sensory Support Systems

Nancy Hylton, RPT

As a Pediatric Physical Therapist, my 35+ years of exploration with specialized casting and Dynamic AFOs/FOs has also taken me into a broader exploration of Dynamic Mechanical and Sensory Support Systems to improve function. This information was written for inclusion in a book which is in progress. It is shared here in hopes of providing help to others. Click on any cube below to review.

  1. Bracing for Improved Dynamic Stability: Assisting Active Positional Control, Movement and Balancing - (a general overview of concepts).

  2. Dynamic AFOs and other high temperature molded DYNAMIC ORTHOTIC SYSTEMS

  3. Flexible Compression Bracing to improve stability and sensory awareness.

  4. Contoured Foam Seating and Equipment Adaptation for improved midline stability and sensory awareness.

  5. Low Intensity Therapeutic Electrical Stimulation for Deep Sensory Assist and muscle activation support.

  6. Vibration and other Mechanical Sensory Assists

  7. Possible Biomechanical and Neuro Mechanisms for Flexible Compression Bracing: Food for thought!

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Dynamic Orthotic Systems

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