Isabelle joined our family August 10th. Her parent's home is in Tostedt, Germany (near Hamburg), where they live with a YFU Finnish exchange student, Maria and Isabelle's sister, Dagmar and her brothers, Philipp and Thuve. She spent the first 4 days in the U.S. at a camp on Whidbey Island 90 miles north of Seattle with American and Canadian students. She is a senior at Renton High School. She loves Jazz-Dancing and hopes to continue dancing while in Seattle. She says, " I love it here in Seattle!"

Nancy had the pleasure to meet her in person this May when Isabelle traveled three hours by train to Dortmund (Nancy was teaching a workshop) to share an afternoon visit together. Her future plans include studying medicine with the goal of becoming a doctor of Psychology.

March 01, 2001

We have continued to be in contact with Isabelle by e-mail and phone. She is readjusting to Gymnasium in Tostedt and also has a job after school. We hope to be able to visit with her and family this next October.

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