Mette joined our family August 14, 1996. from her hometown of Odense, Denmark. She missed Grandma Hylton's 90th birthday celebration by three days and happily joined the last 1 1/2 days of a senior high youth camp. Her immediate close connection with our son, Ricky, has continued to grow and mom was delighted because "Mette loves salad, too!".

Connections at high school include Jr. Varsity Swim Team (Exchange students in Washington are not permitted to play varsity, even though her times qualified for regional varsity competition), costume manager for student theater, working in the office, DECA marketing and pottery along with required solid subjects.

Dale, Ricky, Stefanie and Nancy were priviledged to stay two days in November, 1996 in Odense with Mette's parents, brother, Kristian, and sister, Malin. They returned the visit in July '97 to Seattle. In between trips to Yellowstone Park; the Oregon & Washington Coasts; Vancouver, B.C. and the temperate rain forest on the Olympic Pennisula, we had a great time visiting with them. Mette and her family returned home to Denmark July 15, 1997. She is busy finishing gymnasium in Denmark and plans to study medicine at the University in the future.

July 1, 1999

In the Summer of 1998 we had the pleasure of visiting with Mette and her family in Odense. Dale, Nancy, and Rick "escorted" Marlene home to Switzerland. On our way we "looped" by Denmark. Among other things we watched Mette's Springer Spaniel dog "play" the piano, tasted smoked eel for the first time and had a wonderful time to reconnect even though it rained most of the time. We see her parents as they fly through Seattle to other destinations and it is always fun to connect.

March 1, 2001

Mette is currently living in Copenhagen, attending University with study in Pharmacy. She keep in touch by e-mails. We continue to see her family once or twice a year as they pass through Sea-Tac airport on they way to International medical gatherings or vacation.

September, 2003

We had two short, but very nice, visits with Mette and her family as they travelled thru Sea-Tac airport on their way to California. She is finishing up at the University in Copenhagen. The picture is of her and her boyfriend, Frands. It is really nice to be able to see them every so often.

September, 2008

When Nancy was invited to teach in Copenhagen, we were able to share several days with Mette and her family in Osense. Mette, Frands, son Marcus, and little Victoria (Still in the 'cooker'). Victoria has since arrived. We stayed with her parents, Britt & Lars.

Son Marcus with Rado & Emily We were able to spent a day at Legoland. We were amazed at what can be built with legos.
After we returned to Seattle, Little Victoria arrived.

Gram Lundberg and Marcus were so happy.

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