"Mom" is a Physical Therapist who works with infants and children with Neuromuscular problems. She is an NDT assistant instructor and co-founded the Children's Therapy Center of Kent in 1979. She has developed a system of Dynamic Orthotics that assists active balance, stability, and muscle tone (control) and has taught workshops across the U.S. and in Europe. Close professional associates, who have become good friends, have come from Helsinki, Kiel, Darmstadt, and London as well as orthotists from Finland and Sweden have come to visit the CTC.

The introduction of her Dynamic Orthotics page states "As a Pediatric Physical Therapist, my 25+ years of exploration with specialized casting and Dynamic AFOs/FOs has also taken me into a broader exploration of Dynamic Mechanical and Sensory Support Systems to improve function. This information was written for inclusion in a book which is in progress. It is shared here in hopes of providing help to others. Nancy Hylton, PT"   To view her work   Click here

That book has been completed. Orthotics Concepts was published in 2000. It is available in English & German from the publisher, Verlag Orthopädie-Technik, Dortmund, Germany.

Nancy is also very involved in our local Rainier Valley Congregation as an ordained Elder and Evangelism Assistant to the Pastor in the Community of Christ Church. When there is time for hobbies, she enjoys photography, drawing, singing, and Star Trek (yes, ST is a hobby).

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