Natcharee Homchan


Natcharee, or "Music" as she prefers to be called, if from Lomsak within the province of Phetchabun in the North of Thailand. She has settled in well to our family and Renton High School. She is a very hard working student with many hours of homework each night. She is able to keep up and still participate in school sports.

Music and our previous exchange daughter, Rosemond, had an opportunity to get to know each other in August when Rosemond we visiting here when Music arrived.

Rosemond talked her into joining the Renton Swim Team.

This Winter she has joined the girl's basketball team and gets workouts even on Saturdays.

In October she was introduced to Holloween.

We visited Jim & Stefanie in Tucson early November where Music was also able to reconnect with Som-o, her best friend from Thailand.

Som-o is an exchange student living with a family in Tucson.

"It's a small world after all!"

"Motorcycle Mama"

Over in Thailand near her home it is now: Click for Phitsanulok, Thailand Forecast

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