Rosemond, our 18th exchange student (16th daughter), joined the family August 21st. She comes to us from Accra, Ghana.

She is a senior at Renton High School taking classes that will further her interest in Pharmacy. Two of her exchange sisters (Mette and Marlene) are currently studying Pharmacy in their University.

Rosemond joined the swim team this Fall. Dad is doing his normal thing of dropping her off at school then stopping for coffee on the way home.

She is a wonderful addition to the family. Mom Hylton has a movie lover to join her in front of the DVD player.

Dad tried to get her to help dig the dahlias up this Fall, but the weather was too cold. She did enjoy them while in bloom.

The last day of 2003 we had a little snow, Rosemond's first snowman! She and Mom got outside to do some creative designing.

Two days later we really got some good snow. Mom and Rosemond stayed out playing for two hours. She perfected the art of going all the way down the street out front.

    On June 30th, Rosemond left us to return to Ghana.  But not before going 
    through Graduation at Renton High. We had a wonderful year with our daughter.
    We hope she can return and spend more time with us.

March, 2005

Rosemond returned to the United States last Fall. She is attending the University of Wisconsin - Richland through a YFU University program. Living in Richland Center, Wisconsin means surviving the sub-zero temperatures. This time she really has experienced snow. We keep in contact weekly via MSN Instant Messenger.

November, 2005

She came home to Seattle for a visit in August and was here when Natcharee arrived. Unfortunately her Mother in Ghana was not able to join her but she did share their visit in Wisconsin.

While here, Rosemond was able to see her friend, Erica, who was an exchange student from Ghana the same year as Rosemond. Erica is going to school here in Washington state.

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