Sarah, our eighth exchange daughter, was with us from July, 1995 - January, 1996 (Too Short ! ). Her family lives in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. At 15 years, she was a huge bundle of energy and she took our family and Renton High School by storm.

She has a twin brother, Wade, who had to celebrate their 16th birthday without her. Sarah and Ulrike became close friends when Ulrike returned to Seattle for a five week University internship in September and October.

Sarah shopped the malls with vigor, saw her first snow, learned to ski, and returned home with a well perfected "American Accent" !

She writes epic letters to each in the family periodically and is now (Feb, '97) just beginning her senior year of high school. The Aussie "Princess Legend" as she calls herself has fallen in love with Skydiving and has hopes of becoming a Skydiving instructor some day.

July 1, 1999

Sarah Jane made us proud Grandparents for the second time with the birth of her first child, a little daughter Elliane this Spring. Her zest for life has not quieted one increment, but she is a bit awestruck at the new little person who has arrived into her life. We are sure that she and her partner, Mick, are wonderful parents for this new life.

March 1, 2001

We had a wonderful visit from Sarah, Mick and little Elli last August. Grandma and Grandpa Hylton had so much fun !! We borrowed a carseat and high chair from friends to manage toddler safety. A picnic lunch on Rialto Beach, Pacific Ocean was a hit, especially because the weather changed from hard rain to sunshine just as we arrived. The chain of exchange sisters meeting from across the globe continues with her connection with both Eve and Marlene, who was visiting at the time. Sarah began University study in January.

December, 2004

Sarah is now Mrs. Rich Lees-Barton. Richie & Sarah were married on the beach on Duck Island, Australia. They are living in Cairns with daughters Elliane and Elkes.

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