Our oldest daughter, Stefanie, showed an early love of music. She began to study piano at age 7 and continued this interest for 9 years. Her interest in violin which shifted within a year to viola started when she was 9 years and continued through high school orchestra.

Singing with the Seattle Girl's Choir began at age 11, took her on 3 separate tours to Europe, the British Isles, and Russia until she retired before her Sr. year at Renton High to have time for active involvement in Student Govenment and DECA. She continued Swim Team (also 4 years at RHS) as she pursued the study of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio after graduation in 1991. We drove across country with Ricky, Ayumi and Tia to watch her receive BS degree as a Bolton Scholar in Nursing in May, 1995. VERY PROUD PARENTS!

Her genuine love of people and especially children has taken her to work at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland with children who are fighting Cancer and related problems. Although a native of Washington State, she has "adjusted" to the very different Ohio climate (hot humid summers and cold windy snowy winters) with some reservations. A recent E-mail read, "Why did I decided to move HERE?"

July 1, 1999

Stef has been hounding us to update this page and for good reasons. As of June 6, 1999, she is now Mrs. Jim M.
Dad couldn't have been prouder walking his daughter down the aisle of Amasa Chapel (located on the CWRU campus in Cleveland) and mom had tears of joy at both the rehearsal and wedding. She and Jim make their home in Canton, Ohio. And she now works at Akron Children's Hospital (about a 20 minute drive from home) doing Pediatric Intensive Care Nursing.

He is, of course, wonderful ! They have been busy putting in gardens and changing fixtures in their spare time in their new home.

Wedding Pictures

July 1, 2004

Jim & Stefanie have moved to Tucson, Arizona. Stef works as a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse for the University of Arizona Medical Center. After making sure they could survive the 110+ degree Arizona Summer, they have decided to build a home. Mom, Dad, & Rick will take winter vacations South !!

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