Ulrike, our third exchange daughter, is from Schwalbach, Germany near Frankfurt. She was interested in learning ASL (American Sign Language) here to communicate better with Dale and then studied Gernan Sign after returning home. She has made 2 return visits to Seattle, to study English for a month, Aug. '93 and for 8 weeks Aug., to Oct., '95 to work as an intern with the Mountains to Sound Greenway Project , as a part of her Bayreuth University study in Community Development.

She loves penguins, so this statue captivated her. We have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting all of her family both on their visit here the in Aug. '93 and on our travel in Europe.

July 1, 1999

We have had multiple opportunities because of Nancy's teaching in Europe to meet with Ulrike's parents in Schwalbach, but unfortunately Ulrike had a very serious flu in summer, 1996 making it impossible for her to meet us. It was doubly exciting to spend time with her in the Summer of 1998 when we were back over there. She has been busy with her studies, done a full year exchange in Pao, France in the Pyrenees Mountains, and done multiple internships connected to her field of study. (It seems like life and relationships are drawing her to live in France more permanently).

March 1, 2001

Ulrike has finally completed her University study exams and research paper. She is now living in France near Basel, Switzerland with her boyfriend, Fabrice. Nancy had a wonderful opportunity last November, 2000 to have dinner with Ulrike, Fabrice, her parents and sister in between teaching courses.

April 26, 2003 - Mulhouse, France

Ulrike and Fabrice Legros were married in the Town Hall and St. Etienne Church.A beautiful wedding in French and German along with an all night celebration enjoyed by all.

It was such great fun for Rick, Dale and Nancy to be there to celebrate these special moments with them. Mulhouse is in Alsace very near to Basel Switzerland where Ulrike works.

October, 2005 - Mulhouse, France

    We are so slow to update things. In November, 2004 we visited Ulrike & Fabrice. Ulrike was in full "bloom". Their little boy, Julien, was born on February 23,2005. So family Legros is now very happily three.