Valentina "Vale" is our twenty-first exchange student (19th daughter). Santiago, Chile is her home where she lives with her parents & brother, Carlos.

Vale attended Renton High School in the Fall of 2006. She became a member of the soccer team in the Fall In the Spring she started out in Fastpitch baseball but soon decided that was not for her. Biology is her first love in the study area. She took AP-Biology throughout the year.

Moments of Time During The Year

Dale's grand niece Shelby from Eau Claire, Wisconsin paid us a visit right after Vale arrived.

The family joined others for a little camping trip out at the ocean. This was a new experience sleeping outside in a tent, cooking over a fire, etc.

Her first reaction was "Why in the world do you enjoy sitting in smoke and sleeping on rocks?"
We caught a crab!

School Activities & Friends

A few soccer friends Soccer Girl! Krystal Friends - Farm & Farm

Homecoming Dance with friends. Fati & Krystal Senior Prom with Hugo

Halloween Time

She really got into it with the "carving". Then she met some "friends" outside enjoying the weather.

Snow In Seattle!

Isn't this a masterpiece? Mom got me outside and I love it!

Christmas Time & Arizona

During the Christmas break, the family rented a house at Saddlebrooke outside of Tucson, Arizona. Stefanie & Jim live about 20 miles away so we had lots of time to see them.

An evening at Stefanie & Jim's place These are funny looking "trees".
No way,they are just trying to scare us. We took a little hike in the desert hills.
You get different things for Christmas I told Stef that I knew how to cook!

Maui, Hawaii

Each year the family takes a Mid-Winter Break for Hawaii. We have a timeshare at the Sands of Kahana on Maui.

Along the Hana Highway The park in Lahina Surfing USA Taking it easy

Exchange Studens

Vale made several friends through YFU & the Internation Exchange gathering at Mercer Island High School.


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